Laser Applications

Laser Marking

Find out everything you need to know about the innovative process of laser marking: The structure of typical laser marking systems and their versatile applications in various industries.


Discover the most important methods and processes of laser marking on various materials with specific advantages, associated challenges and proven practical tips from our laser laboratory.


Get to know the most popular laser types for integration into marking systems, as well as their characteristic features and advantages.

Laser marking on stainless steel in our in-house laser laboratory.

Further laser applications

Our products are used worldwide in various industries and in different laser processes.

We are currently working on putting together exciting content on the following laser applications for you.

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Laser Cutting 
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Laser Welding
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Laser Cleaning
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Laser Structuring

More than just Laser system components

As a forward-thinking partner, we not only offer state-of-the-art products, but also support you with extensive process knowledge, a modern laser laboratory, project-specific product adaptations, local warehousing, diligent quality management, short delivery times and much more. 

An employee talking to a customer about laser system components.