Special Features:
High pulse peak power up to 55 kW
Excellent optical characteristics
Variable adjustable pulse width
Low heat impact on the workpiece
Typical Materials:



Polymer (with glass fiber)


and more...


Model NameWavelengthNominal Output Power pulsedBeam QualityMaximum Pulse EnergyMaximum Pulse Peak PowerPulse WidthPulse FrequencyFull Power FrequencyNet WeightMechanical Dimensions Depth Mechanical Dimensions Height Mechanical Dimensions Width Cooling MethodInquiryDetail
M8-201064 nm20 W1.4 <M²1.11 mJ50 kW2 - 500 ns1 - 4,000 kHz18 - 4,000 kHz2.7 kg272 mm76.2 mm105 mmAir
M8-1001064 nm100 W1.4 <M²1.18 mJ43 kW6 - 100 ns1 - 4,000 kHz85 - 4,000 kHz10.2 kg450 mm70 mm235 mmWater
M8-2501064 nm250 W1.6 <M²1.92 mJ50 kW6 - 500 ns1 - 4,000 kHz130 - 4,000 kHz16.5 kg433 mm80 mm280 mmWater