1064 nm | Optical Glass
Special Features:
Attractive price-performance ratio
Working areas up to 560 x 560 mm
Focal lengths f-68 to f-815
Input apertures up to 30 mm
Typical Laser Applications:
Paint Stripping
Typical Materials:
Stainless Steel
Glass / Crystal
Foils / Labels

1064 nm | Optical Glass

Model NameWavelengthNominal Focal LengthWorking DistanceMaximum Scan FieldMaximum Input Beam Diameter Minimum Spot SizeLens MaterialMounting ThreadLens DiameterCooling MethodInquiryDetail
f-68-10-10641064 nm68 mm80.644 mm40 mm x 40 mm10 mm13.24 μmOptical GlassM85x190 mmAir
f-100G-10-10641064 nm100 mm118.485 mm70 mm x 70 mm10 mm19.5 μmOptical GlassM85x190 mmAir
f-100K-10-10641064 nm100 mm105.754 mm70 mm x 70 mm10 mm19.47 μmOptical GlassM85x190 mmAir
f-120-30-10641064 nm120 mm140.776 mm60 mm x 60 mm30 mm7.79 μmOptical GlassM102x1140 mmAir
f-130-10-10641064 nm130 mm141.960 mm85 mm x 85 mm10 mm25.31 μmOptical GlassM85x190 mmAir
f-160-14-10641064 nm160 mm191.590 mm110 mm x 110 mm14 mm22.3 μmOptical GlassM85x1120 mmAir
f-160G-10-10641064 nm160 mm181.297 mm110 mm x 110 mm10 mm31.15 μmOptical GlassM85x190 mmAir
f-160K-10-10641064 nm160 mm176.260 mm110 mm x 110 mm10 mm31.15 μmOptical GlassM85x190 mmAir
f-163-20-10641064 nm163 mm193.342 mm110 mm x 110 mm20 mm15.87 μmOptical GlassM85x1128 mmAir
f-163G-10-10641064 nm163 mm181.856 mm120 mm x 120 mm10 mm31.7 μmOptical GlassM85x190 mmAir
f-163K-10-10641064 nm163 mm186.452 mm113 mm x 113 mm10 mm31.74 μmOptical GlassM85x190 mmAir
f-170-30-10641064 nm170 mm198.310 mm80 mm x 80 mm30 mm11.03 μmOptical GlassM102x1140 mmAir
f-173-10-10641064 nm173 mm197.510 mm120 mm x 120 mm10 mm33.69 μmOptical GlassM85x190 mmAir
f-188-10-10641064 nm188 mm212.000 mm130 mm x 130 mm10 mm36.61 μmOptical GlassM85x190 mmAir
f-210-30-1064-M1021064 nm210 mm240.420 mm120 mm x 120 mm30 mm13.63 μmOptical GlassM102x1140 mmAir
f-210-30-1064-M1121064 nm210 mm242.920 mm120 mm x 120 mm30 mm13.63 μmOptical GlassM112x1140 mmAir
f-210G-10-10641064 nm210 mm231.878 mm150 mm x 150 mm10 mm40.9 μmOptical GlassM85x190 mmAir
f-210K-10-10641064 nm210 mm225.800 mm150 mm x 150 mm10 mm40.89 μmOptical GlassM85x190 mmAir
f-220-10-10641064 nm220 mm259.780 mm153 mm x 153 mm10 mm42.84 μmOptical GlassM85x190 mmAir
f-254-10-10641064 nm254 mm277.702 mm175 mm x 175 mm10 mm49.46 μmOptical GlassM85x190 mmAir
f-254-14-10641064 nm254 mm281.140 mm175 mm x 175 mm14 mm35.3 μmOptical GlassM85x1105 mmAir
f-254-30-1064-M1021064 nm254 mm284.577 mm150 mm x 150 mm30 mm16.49 μmOptical GlassM102x1140 mmAir
f-254-30-1064-M1121064 nm254 mm292.077 mm150 mm x 150 mm30 mm16.49 μmOptical GlassM112x1140 mmAir
f-260-10-10641064 nm260 mm287.537 mm180 mm x 180 mm10 mm50.63 μmOptical GlassM85x190 mmAir
f-290-10-10641064 nm290 mm348.516 mm210 mm x 210 mm10 mm56.47 μmOptical GlassM85x190 mmAir
f-300-10-10641064 nm300 mm360.860 mm208 mm x 208 mm10 mm58.41 μmOptical GlassM85x190 mmAir
f-330-10-10641064 nm330 mm383.934 mm230 mm x 230 mm10 mm64.25 μmOptical GlassM85x190 mmAir
f-330-14-10641064 nm330 mm387.610 mm230 mm x 230 mm14 mm45.9 μmOptical GlassM85x1120 mmAir
f-330-30-10641064 nm330 mm388.590 mm200 mm x 200 mm30 mm21.42 μmOptical GlassM112x1140 mmAir
f-350-20-10641064 nm350 mm417.814 mm244 mm x 244 mm20 mm34.07 μmOptical GlassM85x1120 mmAir
f-420-10-10641064 nm420 mm481.322 mm300 mm x 300 mm10 mm15 μmOptical GlassM85x190 mmAir
f-420-20-10641064 nm420 mm486.080 mm300 mm x 300 mm20 mm40.89 μmOptical GlassM85x1120 mmAir
f-420-30-10641064 nm420 mm499.352 mm280 mm x 280 mm30 mm27.26 μmOptical GlassM112x1140 mmAir
f-430-20-10641064 nm430 mm497.767 mm300 mm x 300 mm20 mm41.86 μmOptical GlassM85x1120 mmAir
f-515-20-10641064 nm515 mm570.349 mm400 mm x 400 mm20 mm50.14 μmOptical GlassM85x1120 mmAir
f-525-20-10641064 nm525 mm604.728 mm402 mm x 402 mm20 mm51.1 μmOptical GlassM85x1125 mmAir
f-580-20-10641064 nm580 mm670.194 mm400 mm x 400 mm20 mm56.47 μmOptical GlassM85x1125 mmAir
f-815-20-10641064 nm815 mm899.830 mm565 mm x 565 mm20 mm79.35 μmOptical GlassM85x1125 mmAir